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Marc-Eric LaRocque

Marc-Eric LaRocque
Marc-Eric is our VP of Sales and Marketing. He has been in the Data Management, Governance and Quality space for over 20 years, both as consultant and business entrepreneur. He is passionate about data and helping clients be successful in harnessing it’s full value.

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9 data aspects managed by successful Information Governance programs

Marc-Eric LaRocque - Aug 2, 2020 5:45:36 PM

Topics: data governance

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The Story of Prodago and Mario Cantin

Marc-Eric LaRocque - Aug 2, 2020 5:45:26 PM


Prodago helps C-level executives and their teams design and deploy effective, operational, adaptive and dependable Data and Analytics Governance programs. But it didn't start that way.


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Data Risk Accelerator Service

Prodago conceived the Data Risk Accelerator for Chief Risk Officers and their team. Find out how to

  • Define meaningful risks related to topics such as ethics, fairness, explainability and data literacy;
  • integrate data risk management within your broader corporate risk framework;

  • measure data risks in an operational and actionable way.

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